Sunday, October 02, 2005

Tigers and a Canyon

I went to a Detroit Tigers baseball game after a recruiting event at University of Michigan. They ended up beating the Chicago White Sox 3-1. Comerica Park is pretty nice, it reminded me a lot of the Giants stadium, except for the fact that food and drinks were cheap - I bought a 24 ounce beer for only $8! Granted, my only choices were Labbatts Blue and Bud Light, but I wasn't in a position to be complaining. There are also beer vendors who sell large refreshing 24 ouncers in the seats, so it works out well if you're too lazy to walk back up to the concessions. Detroit could pass for Gotham City once the sun goes down. It was kind of eerie to see the skyline during the game as the sun was going down. I was waiting for the bat signal to flash up in the sky. You can tell that Detroit was once a bustling city back in the day, it was sad to see all the buildings vacant and boarded up. I really hope the city can be revitalized. My next stop was University of Arizona. After the event, we drove to the Phoenix area and stayed in oldtown Scottsdale. The next morning, we went running..I only lasted about 20 minutes because it was so hot outside I thought my lungs were collapsing. Then we drove up to the Grand Canyon which took about 4 hours. It was definitely worth the trip. What an incredible sight it was!